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Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards?

Devising the advantages of Printed Circuit Boards Printed circuit boards (PCB) forms the base of almost every modern day electronic component that we get to use. Printed circuit board comprised of an array of active and passive components, each one of them with its unique function. All components of a PCB are interconnected from sideways..

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4 simple tips for efficient PCB routing! – Auto-routing There is an old saying that goes like, “PCB design is about 90% placement and 10% routing”. Well, after all these years in between, this saying is still true and at the end of the day, the placement of circuit’s components will be the deciding factor..

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Michigan's Bennett Pump is claiming 'the industry’s most comprehensive line of alternative fuel dispensers,' with models for CNG, LNG and hydrogen.

Success Story – Bennett Pump with HTGlobalcircuits

Bennett Pump is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retail and commercial fuel pumps and components incorporating cutting edge technologies. We are honored and humbled Bennett Pump selected HT Global Circuits as its trusted printed circuit board provider and partner. HT Global Circuits is a global provider of comprehensive printed circuit board technologies delivered..

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PCB Product


PCB Assembly Success – 5 simple tips for a successful PCB Product! If you aren’t on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) much, then you might be unaware of the fact that printed circuit board manufacturing, and printed circuit board assembly are two different disciplines. Each of these specialist disciplines is typically handled by different companies,..

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Direct Thermal


DTE – Direct Thermal Exchange Technology Although traditional MCPCBs were originally conceived for use in the power-supply industry, these substrates are the most widely used in production of LED products. There are many names for these products; Aluminum Clad, Aluminum Base, Metal Clad (MCPCB), Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS or IMPCB) and Thermally Conductive PCBs. All..

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